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Olympian Bode Miller’s Sister

February 26, 2010 1 comment

While reading Bode Miller’s Wikipedia page, I came across something interesting. Apparently, Bode’s younger sister is named Genesis Wren Bungo Windrushing Turtleheart Miller. Not only is that extremely embarrassing, but it would really suck for her if she ever has to write out her full name. She usually goes by Wren though which probably a smart choice.

Of course, I was reading Wikipedia, so I originally thought it was a joke. But a google search proved that to actually be her name. I also found what may or may not be her facebook page. I mean, how many people have the name “Genesis Wren”? My bet is not too many.

Oh, and Bode’s younger brother also has an interesting name: Nathaniel Kinsman Ever Chelone Skan. “Bode” isn’t exactly a normal name, but I would take it over his siblings’ names any day. But I guess nothing about him or his siblings is too normal considering they grew up in a log cabin without electricity or plumbing.

I unfortunately wasn’t able to find any pictures of her, but the profile picture on her possible-facebook can tell you how she looks (although you can’t really see much).

Just something I thought was interesting. I know there are plenty of unusual names out there and I plan on writing about some of my favorites in the future. Does anyone else have a favorite unusual name?