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What is The Aerican Empire?

February 28, 2010 12 comments

I just recently heard of micronations. This means they are independent, but are not recognized by world governments or organizations. Micronations usually only exist on paper – they have no actual ownership of any land.

I’m sure there are plenty of micronations out there, but my favorite so far is The Aerican Empire, or Aerica. Aerica is basically just America without the “m” (and is pronounced “Ah-erica”). There are currently 238 registered citizens in Aerica. Emperor of Aerica Eric C. Lis founded Aerica all the way back on May 8, 1987.

But why is The Aerican Empire so great? And where exactly is it? Well, you will see why it is so great. And it is located in many different places such as: Australia, an area the size of a house in Montreal, Canada, America, and New Zealand. A map of all these places, which are explained in greater detail, can be found here. Aerica also claims the northern hemisphere of Pluto, a colony on Mars, a yet-to-be-discovered planet named Verden, and one day hopes to claim land on the Sun. Further details can be found on this map.

In addition to holidays, Aerica also celebrates Niftydays, which are celebrated days which have no greater meaning. For example, January 2nd is Procrastinator’s Day, April 22nd is Inanimate Objects day, and January 3rd is Snappy Comeback Day.

Aerica doesn’t have its own language, but it does have a micro-language. In other words, they have created a few words that people can incorporate into everyday conversations. “Ich Grok Pickles” translates to “I eat pickles”.

Have you ever heard of Sillyball? Well it is basically the Football of Aerica. It is described as “organized chaos” and doesn’t have a whole lot of restrictions. You just need to get a ball through a hoop without causing intentional physical harm, although psychological harm is encouraged. The typical game of Sillyball includes “taunts, riddles, insults, and generally distracting mockery.”

Although Aerica doesn’t have an official religion (all religions are welcomed), citizens tend to favor Silinism. This unorganized religion worships Forsteri, the Great Penguin. This religion supposedly boasts some actual, real-life followers.

Can you see now why The Aerican Empire is so great? Aerica also has a government in place and you can even print out passports and ID cards from their website.

I even applied for citizenship. Hopefully they let me in. You can apply here if you wish.

What do you think of The Aerican Empire? Have you heard of any better micronations? I think this one would be tough to beat.

The Aerican Flag

The Aerican Flag

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms